Monday 13 April 2015

RVP faces fight to win back place in United side

When Robin van Persie returns from injury for what- many believe- could be his final few weeks in a Red shirt- he faces a fight to win back his place in this current side.

RVP last played in United's 2-1 defeat at Swansea nearly two months ago and the Reds have not looked back (winning every game since, the FA Cup aberration against Arsenal aside).

Some may say that the fact that United's results and performances have vastly improved in RVP's absence is just a co-incidence but are we actually better off without the ailing Dutchman in the side?

Such is the Reds confidence, belief and swagger that to bring him back into the side could actually disrupt the current momentum- he should by no means be an automatic pick for the starting XI when fully fit.

LVG has found a system, line-up and formation that suits these players perfectly and, unless forced to do so by injury, should not change it in our six remaining games of the season.

The Reds defence was widely acknowledged as being our weakness, but, with the United futures of both Radamel Falcao and now RVP being questioned, an overhaul in the striking department should now be LVG's priority.

There is no doubting RVP's quality, he is a born goalscorer and we would not have won the 20th league title without him, but the difference in performances with and without him in the side could not be in starker contrast.

Part of the problem is that, yes he's a goalscorer, but his work rate and contribution to the team off the ball leaves a lot to be desired.
United's tempo slows and possession is lost quickly, RVP is starved of service so pulls wide to receive the ball and the shape of the side is then imbalanced. 

If I was LVG (I'm not but I'd do what I think best) I would keep this line-up and system that is working so well and use RVP as an impact sub in the closing weeks of the season.

Whatever the relationship between the two Dutchmen, Van Gaal must now see that United's best XI does not feature Van Persie and I would  hope that he is not too stubborn to put his continued trust in a player whose best days now unfortunately seem behind him. 

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