Friday 19 June 2015

2015/16: Lowdown and key dates


Sat 8th: Tottenham (H)
Sat 15th: Aston Villa (A)
Tues/Wed 18/19: Champions League play-off, 1st leg
Sat 22nd: Newcastle (H)
Tues/Wed 25/26: Champions League play-off, 2nd leg
Sat 29th: Swansea (A)

Sat 12th: Liverpool (H)
Tues/Wed 15th/16th: Champions League group stage begins
Sat 19th: Southampton (A)
Tues/Wed 22/23rd: Capital One Cup 3rd round
Sat 26th: Sunderland (H)


Sat 3rd: Arsenal (A)
Sat 17th: Everton (A)
Sat 24th: Manchester City (H)
25/26th October: Capital One Cup 4th round
Sat 31st: Crystal Palace (A)


Sat 7th: West Brom (H)
Sat 21st: Watford (A)
Sat 28th: Leicester (A)


Tues/Weds 1st/2nd: Capital One Cup 5th round
Sat 5th: West Ham (H)
Tues/Weds 8th/9th: Champions League group stage matchday 6
Sat 12th: Bournemouth (A)
Sat 19th: Norwich (H)
Sat 26th: Stoke (A)
Mon 28th: Chelsea (H)


Sat 2nd: Swansea (H)
Tues/Wed 5th/6th: Capital One Cup Semi Final 1st leg
Sat 9th: FA Cup 3rd round
Weds 13th: Newcastle (A) 7.45pm
Sat 16th: Liverpool (A)
Sat 23rd: Southampton (H) 

Tues/Weds 26th/27th: Capital One Cup Semi Final 2nd leg
Sat 30th: FA Cup 4th round


Tue 2nd Feb: Stoke (H) 8pm
Sat 6th Feb: Chelsea (A)
Sat 13th: Sunderland (A)
Sat 20th: FA Cup 5th round
Tues/Weds 16/17th: Champions League first knockout round, 1st leg
Tues/Weds 23/24: Champions League first knockout round, 2nd leg
Sat 27th/Sun 28th: Arsenal (H)/Capital One Cup Final


Tues 1st: Watford (H) 8pm
Sat 5th: West Brom (A)
Tues/Weds 8th/9th: Champions League first knockout round, 2nd leg
Tues/Weds 15th/16th: Champions League first knockout round, 2nd leg
Sat 12th: FA Cup 6th round/ Crystal Palace (H)
Tues/Weds 15th/16th: Champions League
Sat 19th: Manchester City (A)


Sat 2nd: Everton (H)
Tues/Wed 5/6: Champions League Quarter final, 1st leg
Sat 9th: Tottenham (A)
Tues/Weds 12/13: Champions League Quarter final, 2nd leg
Sat 16th: Aston Villa (H)
Sat 23rd: West Ham (A)/FA Cup Semi Final
Tues/Wed 26/27th: Champions League Semi Final, 1st leg
Sat 30th: Leicester (H)


Tues/Weds 3/4: Champions League Semi Final, 2nd leg
Sat 7th: Norwich (A)
Sun 15th: Bournemouth (H)
Sat 21st: FA Cup Final
Sat 28th: Champions League final 

All kick-off times and dates subject to change

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