Sunday 24 January 2016

A little letter for Louis

Dear Louis,

You came to us at a time when we needed you the most.

 Our club was on its knees and in need of a strong, experienced and proven manager which we all believed you were.

We've had some great moments together - the four wins over Liverpool, beating City in the demolition derby and the excitement we felt we you signed Angel Di Maria will live long in the memory.

Your first season wasn't bad.

Not great but not bad, you did what you'd said and a fourth placed finish swept away the previous season's gloom and gave us all something to build on and believe in. 

We were full of hope.

Now finally, we'd have a manager capable of taking the club back to where we feel we belong after the golden era of Sir Alex - if not winning titles every season, then certainly a consistently strong challenge with excitement and thrills along the way.

It wasn't long, though, before we began to realise that this was not all it was cracked up to be.
After the hope, came the belief that perhaps this was not a match made in heaven after all.

Di Maria lasted only one season and so did Falcao but after all you've won and everything you achieved, we thought you knew what you were doing.

We approached your second season with a cautious optimism - which only grew after a good start of only two defeats in 15 games to put us top of the league.

Then, suddenly all that changed - things quickly began to go wrong and those who had backed you began to wonder if we should sack you. 

A crippling injury list did not help your cause - but your decision to have a squad of only 20 players backfired as we went out the Champions League and our expected title challenge quickly began to fall apart.

Boxing Day was the nadir - and seemingly the end - but you battled on and after a nice five-game unbeaten run, it look liked we'd cracked it,  our bad run was history and you were happy again.

But, sadly, things turned sour again and now we're thinking that - like all great captains - you should go down with your ship instead of leaving us floundering.
We hope that, in Giggsy, you've left us a very capable helmsman who can continue the journey you started and take us travelling across the seven seas. 

Thanks for the fourth place, thank you for steering us back on track and best of all- thank you also for our four wins over that lot from Merseyside.

Thank you for those brief moments of unbridled joy. 

Thanks Louis but this has to be goodbye. 

Like most marriages that do not work out, it has to be time for a divorce. 

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