Sunday 24 January 2016

Sorry Louis but it's time to swallow your pride and do the decent thing

Actions speak louder than words.

The first time Louis van Gaal got out of his seat on Saturday was when he walked down the tunnel afterwards and he was met by an almost universal chorus of boos.

For anyone wondering if the Dutchman has retained the supporter of United's fans, this provided all the evidence to the contrary.

There have been dissenting grumbles on the Old Trafford terraces all season- but against Southampton those murmurs turned into full-scale uproar.

It's not hard to see why.

Going into Southampton on a high, the match soon followed a familiar pattern- one shot on target over 90 tepid, tedious and dire minutes in which the visitors grew stronger and scored the inevitable winner that many saw coming. 

An outlay of just over £100m, a style of play that is bordering on suicidal, a humiliating Champions League exit, and ten points off the pace after a shocking run of three wins in 13 games across all competitions.

We're bored, the pundits are bored, the players look bored and unable to express themselves and Van Gaal- counting the days down until his retirement- cannot motivate or inspire his multi-million- and multi-talented squad. 

We sacked David Moyes for better and he didn't have anything like the financial backing that LVG has had. 

I'm still trying to work out the reason for it: 3-5-2 with two defensive midfielders at home against a bottom half side who played with one up front and yet still went away with a win (Adnan Januzaj put on with five minutes to go at left wing-back??) 
It was another absurd addition to add to a rapidly lengthening list of baffling decisions Van Gaal has made in his time in charge.

The most baffling decision of all however, is one that only chief executive Ed Woodward knows the answer to: what premise is there for keeping Van Gaal in the job?

We're five points behind fourth-placed Spurs, we're lurching from one bad result to another and turning the team's fortunes around look beyond Van Gaal who is carrying the look of a beaten man.

Getting back into the Champions League last season was all well and good but there's zero sign of improvement. 

His thinking is confused, muddled and as for his wretched "philosophy"- that can go in the same place as his beloved Filofax. 

If we were going to sack Van Gaal I believe we'd have done it by now so- for the sake of his professional pride and to save our season- he needs to fall on his sword.

Thanks for the fourth place Louis, but you have to do us all a favour and do the decent thing. 

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