Sunday 20 December 2015

Calls for Mourinho grow as Van Gaal fears sack

Louis van Gaal has admitted that he fears for his Old Trafford future following the club's worst run of form since the turn of the century.

The last time United went six without a win was in 1998/99- ironically the season that ended up as the greatest ever in the club's history as we won the treble.

United fans were singing Jose Mourinho's name throughout yesterday's match and- although he too has a reputation as a negative manager- it's winning football and anything must be better than the fare currently on offer.

Jose said in a statement shortly after his Chelsea sacking that he does not wish to take a sabbatical and wants to go straight back in- and what better place than at a club that he has made no secret of his desire to manage. 

Pep Guardiola has confirmed he is leaving Bayern- with Carlo Ancelotti replacing him- but this makes the situation tricky for the United board.

It's one of three options: sack LVG now and put Mourinho in charge (missing out on Guardiola), sacking LVG and giving the job to Giggsy until the end of the season and then going for Pep, or give LVG the end of his contract and potentially miss out on both world class coaches who may be snaffled up by then. 

Van Gaal is an intelligent man and his admission that he "is maybe not a successful manager any more" suggests that he feels he is not the man to take us forward.
That  would also indicate something I've suspected for a while now: that his heart is not in it any more.

I wouldn't blame him if he walked away - he's had a fantastic career, has won nearly everything there is to win and is one the most highly respected coaches in the game.
But everything has a "best-before" date and I can't help but think that Van Gaal has reached his. 

He initially only said he would walk if the players turned against him - whilst I don't think that has happened yet there have been reports of dressing room unrest for a few months now.

"Confidence in a manager is very important and when you are not winning then of course that confidence shall decrease, that is happening now and I cannot close my eyes to that." LVG said after Saturday's loss. 

Something must change to truly take us forward and I think it has to be the manager. 

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