Friday 19 February 2016

Awful, shocking, embarrasing.... and that's just the manager.

After the 0-1 home defeat to Southampton last month, we - mistakenly as it turned out - thought that things could not got any worse.

I said as much on these very pages but how wrong we were.

Swansea, Norwich, Bournemouth, Middlesbrough, Sunderland... added to that list now is the name of FC Midtyjlland, a side no one had heard of until December's draw and a club formed in the same season we won the treble.

But yet, on Thursday, they became the latest name on a rapidly lengthening list of small, unfashionable clubs to not only beat United, but deservedly humiliate us.

It's turning into a terrible, woeful season but this was a new low. 

The home defeat to Norwich in December was bad, the loss at Stoke on Boxing Day even more so.
The reverse at Sunderland on Saturday was as bad as we've been all season but then came this.

We're getting worse each week and the way we surrendered in the second half was pathetic - United weren't unlucky, it wasn't a smash and grab and Midtyjlland deserved to win. 

And United fans had to pay £71 to watch it, the visiting fans that travelled to Denmark deserve a refund. 

Injuries are certainly not helping the team or beleaguered boss Louis van Gaal  but there can be simply no excuses for yesterday's horror show, encapsulated by two horrible mistakes from two usually splendid and solidly consistent players.

Michael Carrick lost possession which allowed Pione Sisto in to score and then Juan Mata's missed tackle allowed Paul Onuachu to fire home their winner.

United remain in a strong position in the tie with a 2-1 deficit ahead of next week's second leg but did not deserve anything from the game and had in not been for stand-in stopper Sergio Romero it would have been a lot worse.

Van Gaal's tactics again made little sense and he simply looks incapable of turning things around - indeed, at the moment every game is a contender for worst of the season.

An unsuitable formation, an unwillingness to change, an inability to motivate his players, a depleted and wafer-thin squad,  baffling tactics and strange selections - not to mention his struggles with the media, bizarre excuses and an out of touch approach- need I go on? 

Yes, Rooney was injured but Van Gaal has jettisoned four strikers, disregarded another in James Wilson and Anthony Martial has spent the majority of the season out of position. 

The players can't continue to hide behind their manager - Herrera's performance was arguably his worst in a United shirt, Carrick was timid and flustered,  Martial isolated and Juan Mata lazy and not interested.

Van Gaal has failed to prepare and must now be prepared to fail.

He's out of time, out of ideas and out his depth. 

"That was his worst excuse yet"...

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