Monday 1 February 2016

Woodward's ineptitude has made United a laughing stock

Executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward has been in post since 2013 when he replaced David Gill. 

In that time, the most feared and revered team in the land has become a national embarrassment. 

Two failed managers, dreary dull football and not even a sniff of a trophy.
Since Woodward took charge, the club's once fabled youth academy has become a rudderless mess, the senior side have served up dull and pointless football for a seriously hacked off fanbase, and the club have wasted a fortune on the likes of Angel Di Maria and Radamel Falcao with nothing to show for it.

Apart from those with the rosiest of tinted glasses, everyone knew that Pep Guardiola was headed for Manchester in the summer - City specifically. 
The official announcement though, marked another missed opportunity for United since Sir Alex's retirement.  
In the last three years, United have missed out on Guardiola - Ferguson's first choice to succeed him - twice. 

What's more, we didn't even go for him, we just stood aside and let our fierce rivals snaffle him up without the merest hint of a clamour. 

They have ignored the ready and available Jose Mourinho twice. 

Carlo Ancelotti has evaded us and Jurgen Klopp was ignored when available. 

United have, in Louis Van Gaal, a manager who appears to be out of date and out of ideas, and some figures at the club hope that Ryan Giggs - a rookie with less experience than Under 21s coach Warren Joyce - will replace him. 

Yet Woodward does nothing to keep United up with our rivals: to sack Van Gaal and condemn him as a mistake would be to admit that is was an error on Woodward's part - an accountant with no football knowledge or nous to speak of. 

If David Moyes appointment was not of Woodward's making, then Louis Van Gaal certainly was and, being kind, you'd suggest that the Dutchman is past his peak and has been a failure on nearly every level bar the minor credibility of a fourth placed finish last season.
Who knows how City will fare under Pep Guardiola, but what is clear is that the Etihad hierarchy are focused, well prepared and superbly professional and it hurts.

United, on the other hand, are clueless.

Even if we do go on to appoint Jose Mourinho in the summer, it will be not out of planning but due to dwindling options.
Jurgen Klopp and Guardiola pitched up at our local rivals because of the well-planned, and forward-thinking preparation that is so sorely lacking at Old Trafford. 

Woodward is the man without a plan and the club are creaking at the seams. 

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