Tuesday 7 September 2021

Adios... at least for now

Here at United Faithful, we thought we'd give you an update for the coming weeks.

From tomorrow, these pages will become temporarily inactive meaning we will be unable to provide you - for the time being at least - the very latest from everything Manchester United. This is because this particular Red is taking a two week hiatus as I embark on a long distance walking holiday - mad I know, but I love it!

We will therefore have no match reports for the Newcastle game, our Champions League opener with Young Boys and the double league and cup header against West Ham. We will reopen in time for the Aston Villa fixture and, although away from these pages, we will be doing our best to follow the fortunes of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's tricky, piss boiling, showtime Reds from afar. 

So to all you lovely lot out there, we just wanted to let you know the reasons behind what might seem a disappointing and unusually lengthy absence, but rest assured we will back!


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