Tuesday 10 February 2015

United criticised for style of play but results are more important

Sam Allardyce criticising United for "lumping it long and see" after the sides drew 1-1 at Upton Park not only smacked of hypocrisy but also sounded a little bitter.

Since then, United's Plan B has been much-maligned in newspapers and on TV-  but I'm sure I am not the only one who does not care how United play- as long as we are getting results I will be happy.
I am also certain that this applies to 90% of fans from other teams- substance over style any day of the week. 

Frustrated by West Ham's solid defensive shape, United were getting nowhere with their passing, probing approach- so, heading for defeat- we did what any side would do- shelve Plan A and revert to pumped balls into the box.

At least we have this approach to fall back on when nothing else is working, unlike last season when we could barely string three passes together under David Moyes. 

Look at Chelsea as a prime example. Jose Mourinho's side are seven points clear in the league and are champions in waiting.
Their style is based around work rate, industry and physicality- they are mightily effective at this but free-flowing, quick tempo football is conspicuous by its absence.

Yet no-one mentions this. 

Leicester on the other hand, are the opposite.
I can't confess to have watched the Foxes many times but, when I have, their neat and tidy approach play often gets them nowhere, they do not score enough goals and have nothing else to fall back on. 

So: United's sometimes basic direct approach that, for all the criticism, is working, or being in Leicester's bleak position but playing easy-on-the-eye football? 

I know which I'd rather and, come the end of the season, when United are back where we belong in Europe's elite, I am sure Reds fans will feel the same. 

Football is about winning and that's what we're doing. 

Nothing else matters. 

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