Wednesday 8 August 2018

This club's incompetent board dragging us backwards (RANT)

After a torrid pre-season that provided more questions than answers - there's one issue above all else that needs urgently addressing. Pin the blame on Jose Mourinho all you want, and he certainly doesn't help himself, but there are deep-rooted problems at this club that go far beyond the control of the Portuguese. I've never known a situation like this in my 21 years as a United fan. A snarling, whinging and constantly downbeat manager, a divided and disillusioned fanbase that have lost all faith and belief in our beloved team, three months of woefully weak transfer inactivity, trailing some way behind our fiercest and most hated rivals, a dreadful recruitment process that has become more desperate by the day, and arguably our best outfield player wants out of the club that is supposed to be his home. Worst of all, an elusive and silent group of suited and booted corporate business men who know nothing about football and haven't got the faintest clue what they are doing. No vision, no ambition, no plan and no viable forward thinking blueprint.
Manchester United, the biggest club in the world, are less than 48 hours from our first competitive game of the season, we're chronically underprepared and going into it more in hope than any tangible expectation.
I'm certainly not exonerating Mourinho, but with many calling for his head, you can feel a certain degree of empathy for the best boss this club has had since Sir Alex. No, this mess needs to be placed firmly of the shoulders of stakeholding owners the Glazer family and chief executive Ed Woodward. Thanks for nothing. Thanks for completely ruining our summer. Thanks for pissing into the wind whilst our major rivals have been busy strengthening ahead of the season. Thanks for running our club upside down and making us an absolutely embarrasing laughing stock. Thanks for showing absolutely no interest in our fortunes as a football club. Thanks for doing absolutely nothing to redress the balance of power that has slowly and painfully seeped out of Old Trafford over the last few seasons.  No doubt you're busy congratulating yourselves on United's annual rise in revenue.

As the hours tick down on our most important transfer window in years, Woodward is probably shut away playing Fortnite or working on his latest money making sphiel, no doubt lining up an announcement for Thursday that United have agreed a new sponsor with a pet food firm. After all, it seems that's all he's interested in and the only thing he's remotely good at. He's only spoken to and seen Mourinho once all summer long - this at a time that's most crucial to managers and the men above them they're working with. Jose purportedly gave Woodward a list of five players he wanted to strengthen with, yet here we are on the day of the transfer window having got only one.
He's got a lot to answer for - just another yes man from the string-pulling puppets who are determined to penny pinch and bleed this club dry.
 United have signed as many commercial partners (Kohler, MoPlay and Chivas) this summer as we have players (Fred, Lee Grant and Diogo Dalot). That shows where this board's priorities lie. This proves beyond all doubt that they're only interested in making money rather than spending it. It seems that finishing in the top four is what these cretins consider to be a successful season. It seems that we're the new Arsenal. The difference in prize money between winning the league and coming second, third or fourth is no great disparity - therefore the Glazers are merely content with continntal qualification season upon season. They'll only react when we start to slip out of that coveted top four place - that's when they started spending big and that's why David Moyes and Louis van Gaal were sacked. United can continue to attract the best players in the world and the best managers in the world but all the time the club is being run the way it is - with the money driven Yanks and a dithering, half witted CEO in the corridors of power - nothing is going to change.

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