Tuesday 21 August 2018

Man Utd are doomed to fail under the current regime

As the dust settles on United's shoddy showing at the AMEX on Sunday, on the pitch the team looked exactly like they have been off it for the last five years - lost, leaderless and without a plan or a direction.
As well as underperforming players, who disgracefully seemed to just give up, plenty of blame must be shouldered by Jose Mourinho - a man who was never really the right fit for Manchester United, a man that many Manchester United fans never wanted in the first place.
Yet while Mourinho was, and remains, a poor fit for the club and everything we stand for, United's problems do not begin and end with him. This mess is far more deep rooted than that. Since the double departures of Messrs Ferguson and - perhaps more pivotally - David Gill - the club has meandered aimlessly into the territory of an expensive farce, a badly run business model operating under the guise of an equally poorly operated football club. The two men, who acted as bulwark against the regime of an ownership that they helped to bring in, abandoned ship and handed the tiller to disinterested, corporate leeches who know nothing about football.

That brings us neatly to the Old Trafford elephants in the room - United's owners, the Glazer family. They couldn't give a f**k about our plight, unless they are unable to continue using the club as a cash cow for their own personal gain, like the parasites they are. Decent owners - owners that had even a modicum of genuine interest in the long term stability of the club - would have moved to remodernise and restructure the club in the immediate aftermath of Ferguson and Gill's departures. Instead, they left things in the not-so-capable hands of their puppet, Ol' Dick'Ed himself, Mr Woodward - a man with a fork in a world of soup. Woodward could not be trusted to strike a deal on a market stall.
He's made three awful managerial appointments and frittered away ludicrous amounts on an endless parade of big-name commercial signings: a collection of could-have-beens, has-beens and never-good-enoughs - all with the single intention of making United money and continuing to plunder growth as a global business and a commercial entity. The guy even publicly admitted that United don't need to win trophies to be successful.
Handing a lucrative contract to a manager notorious for never staying at any club for longer than three years is the kind of nonsensical decision you expect when you've got a clueless, out of his depth idiot with no football knowledge or experience in charge. The refusal to employ a director of football when nearly every top club in Europe has one, the lack of any plan, strategy or vision - the refusal to consider a women's team until only absolutely necessary, and not urgently overhauling the entire club's facilities and infrastructure. Thanks for absolutely nothing. Proof, if it were needed, that the owners are only interested in the pound signs.

As long as this club continues to prioritse commercial growth over on-pitch success, we're doomed to fail, no matter who the manager is. Success requires vigilance, remodelling and renewal - something that a family dynasty of debt billionaires, hiding in Florida with a string of failed businesses, just do not understand. Without continued guidance and leadership - with the club being run the way it is under the current regime - United will continue to wander aimlessly from one catastrophe to another.

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