Wednesday 22 January 2020

Seven years of ineptitude epitomised by United's night of shame

How low can you go? Of all the peaks and troughs, all the trials and tribulations and all the false dawns, this has to be up there as the nadir. Burnley, the unfashionable east Lancashire club coached brilliantly by their ginger, gravel voiced and under-rated manager Sean Dyche, came to Old Trafford and won for the first time in 57 years. Make no mistake, they fulled deserved it too. The worst thing about this result? It didn't come as a shock.

For the fourth season in a row, they arrived at United and took a 2-0 lead. This time, though, there was to be no fightback. As the anti-Glazer movement finally took hold, it did little to mask the ineptitude on the pitch. The resilience and defiance of a sparsely populated Old Trafford warmed the heart, but United toiled to the point of exhaustion. Just like the club, the players had nothing left to give. Run into the ground. The effort and commitment again could not be faulted, but there was just no creativity or quality. I wonder if there's a player in Portugal we could get to solve that? It's 2020 and yet Phil Jones continues to ply his trade as a Manchester United player. That, more than anything, summed everything up.

The Glazers, United's awful, dollar obsessed owners have run the club into the ground to such an extent they should be up on negligence charges. A stadium not fit for purpose, the worst United squad I've ever seen, an awful coaching staff and an inept, penny pinching, power crazy, puffed up piece of shit as a CEO. It's all on them. They've dug a grave and we've fallen into it, unable to climb out.
 Ed Woodward has been in his role for seven years and it has been a reign of terror. Three signings in as many transfer windows whilst eight players have gone in the same timeframe. A small fortune invested - through the club's money - yet here we are left with a dogshit squad lacking just as much in quality as it is in quantity. A billion taken out of the club yet not a single penny put back in. How can a man with no football knowledge continue to be responsible for all the big football decisions. He didn't get a director of football because it would cost too much and he didn't want to relinquish control. He remains the apple of his bosses eyes because of his ability in the financial world. Just yesterday it was announced share prices have gone up. Woodward is the safest man at the club yet should be out the door.

The stadium's empty, fans are showing vocal displeasure towards players, manager and the board, and results are at a 30 year low. There's only one way this club is going and no one's being held accountable for the mess.  We desperately need signings with our midfield and attack non existent yet it takes an age to complete any transfer deals - if they're ever completed at all. Yet the first sniff of a commercial deal to be had and it's done within hours. Of course, I totally understand that there has to be a business side to any football club, but when you put profits first there will always be trouble. But what's a business if you don't make a profit. Surely its more sustainable to get the team winning and make your millions that way. The Glazers culture is all about the interests of investors not fans, and we need players that are tougher - physically and mentally. Fans are starting to vote with their feet as thousands stayed away and loads more left before the final whistle. No amount of apathy could cover for the plethora of shortcomings. I feel like I've been like a broken record saying all this, stuck on repeat for years. My anger towards these clowns in the boardroom needs no embellishment.

The Romelu Lukaku money? Been used to keep the cashflow going and service the crippling debt they put us into. Of course it has. This was a night when all of that finally came home to roost. A night when those seven soporific years were illuminated as brightly as the Old Trafford floodlights. The outside world finally began to realise that the issues permeating through the corridors of power do not lie squarely on the shoulders of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. Of course as the manager he has to carry some of the can but he should resign and admit that he's in an impossible position. He's incredibly naive, has no clear philosophy and got tactically outmanoeuvred by his opposite number. Mike Phelan's a dinosaur, Michael Carrick's not a coach and the other bloke had a bit of time at Tottenham. But the problems are far, far deeper than that. Changing the manager would simply be like re-arranging the deckchairs on the Titanic.

You could bring in Jurgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola as joint managers and they'd fail. No manager in world football - indeed, not even the good Lord himself -  could make a success of this under this poisonous, toxic, cancerous boardroom regime. Just ask Louis van Gaal and Jose Mourinho.

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